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Bouncy castle

Bouncy castle
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  • Model: do21_D0100HEJDXA
  • Weight: 40.13lb
  • Dimensions: 20.87in x 14.97in x 15.24in
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The top beam of the base is red; The column and a slide are blue, the slide is yellow, and the top of the column is yellow.

colorBlue + yellow + green

material:420D Oxford cloth+840DPVC mesh

overall size:149.6*141.7*114.7inches

Internal dimension:110.2(L)x102.4(W)inches

Slide the width:39.4 inches

Door red pad size:35.4L*39.4(W) inches

Two door dimensions:25.2(L)x29.1(H) inches

net weight42.9LBS





The base color is yellow; The four columns are of the same color, red spires, blue, yellow, and red from top to bottom; The surrounding columns are blue; Blue slide rails red handrails.

color: red+blue+yellow

material: heavy duty 420D oxford and heavy duty 800D oxford

size: 10.2' X 8' X 8.9'(L×W×H)

Slide size:31.5(L)*43.3(W)*33.5(H) inches

length of the track:43.3 inches

Ocean ball room size:60.2(L)*39.4(W)*63(H) inches

net weight: 33 LBS





The pool and trampoline base are blue; The slide is yellow, the handrail is red, the bottom pole is yellow, and the top pole is blue.

color:Blue + yellow + red + green

material420D Oxford cloth+840DPVC mesh

overall size110*126*102inches

Yellow column height: 78.7 inches

Slide width (with handrails on both sides) :43.3 inches

inner (upper) space size of the four cylinders:27.6(L)*39.4(W) inches;

inner (lower) space size of the four cylinders:82.7(L)*55.1(W) inches

net weight:38.5LBS





The color of the base is blue, the four sides of the cloth are yellow and the top of the cloth is orange. The colors of the quadrangle are red, orange, blue, and green, and the color of the green guide rail is yellow.

color: red+orange+blue+green

material:  heavy duty 420D oxford and heavy duty 800D oxford

overall size: 12' X 9' X 7'6"(L×W×H)

Size of the arch:23.6(Wx25.6(Hinches

After the product is inflated, the side length of the castle (excluding the slide) is 110.2 inches, and the height is 94.5 inches.

The circumference of the quadrangle column is about 70.9 inches.

The whole slide is 35.4 (L)* 47.2(W)*46.5(H)inches, the width of the slide is 27.6 inches.

net weight: 18.15 LBS

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